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The authorship of all songs (and videos), prose, poems, unless otherwise stated, is owned by: I. Ivanov (I), I. Ivanovskiy (my friend is a musician, composer, poet, writer) and the wonderful creative team Manstones (Men of Stones).

About the author

Gnom Grom was born in 1970 in Moscow, Russia. Musician, poet, artist, General, creative personality storage. Founder of student pseudoroot group "Fantasy Version" in 1987. Party bands "Soul and Body" (in the past) and "Manstones" (now), the project "Men of Stones: In pursuit of lost time".

Released the band's "Manstones":

Asymmetry – 2013, Album No. 2 – 2014, Spring fever – 2015 (part one "the Rain (Girl in tears)", part two "Youths in the Underworld"). As a musician self-taught, who cannot read and write notes, GnomGrom develops its own system of rhythm and musical notation, which performs and composes. He's finding his style, experimenting. He goes deep into the synth sounds and your own imagination.

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